Meathead Resource Round-up

A guy asked me the other day what resources I use for my workouts. First and far most it’s hard to stuff 15 years of weight training knowledge into someone’s head, but if I had a list of websites I frequently read and borrow ideas from, here it is…

T-Nation is probably the ultimate meathead resource, tons of authors and tons of different training styles. Most of the websites I talk about in this post more then likely write for T-Nation. A must bookmark for a wanna be meathead.

Elite FTS
EliteFTS is a power lifting focused site. It’s clean, well organized and features a lot of good articles.

Men’s Health
If I was forced to pick a magazine on a long road trip and travel bingo has grown old, it would be Men’s Health.

Zach Even-esh
Zach’s blog has turned me on to a lot of different training styles, including lifting with kettlebells. This dude loves lifting and loves writing about lifting. Just watch a few of his workout videos and you will see what I mean.

Diesel Crew
Smitty from Diesel Crew is another passionate dude that loves talking about moving around some iron.

This list is far from complete, I am sure I will keep adding more resources as I remember. Keep checking back for updates!