The Starve Yourself Diet

Ok something I need to get off my chest. I hate supplement companies.

Supplement companies are dirty little manipulators that spin your opinions and beliefs into buying their products. They spend millions of dollars to drive ads in front of you to make billions in profits. Go through any health magazine and you will see that the majority of ads are for supplements.

The other thing that bothers me about this industry is the lack of quality of their products. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not control the supplement industry. So they have free reign of manufacturing these “wonder pills” under no regulation of quality.

Fact: Solid nutrition starts in the kitchen not in a bottle.
There is one claim that supplement companies constantly make that drive me crazy. They claim “you don’t have to starve yourself” to get results from product x.

Let’s dive into what they mean by “starving”. I believe that supplement companies are referring to low calorie diets. They use this pain point to drive home the idea that you don’t need to diet to get the claimed results. However, there usually is a disclaimer saying “diet and exercise recommended for results”.

What does starving mean to you?

If starving means eating less calories then you’ve consumed during your weight gain, then yes you will “starve”. As Americans, the amount of food we eat in one sitting is outrageous. No wonder why people think they are “starving” when they are put on a diet. But let’s get something straight, you are not going to lose weight consuming the same amount of food as you did during your weight gain. Simple as that.

Toughen up, will ya!

Time to find a little will power. You need to remember that food is addictive. Your body will crave it like a smoker craves a cigarette. If you are going to get results, you need to have the guts (bad pun) to stand up to food addiction.

I’m not advocating super low calorie diets. Your body needs good nutrition function properly, but it’s usually less food then you think.

Fasting to lose

Another thing I want to tackle today is the idea of fasting. Fasting means withholding food for a period of time. Fasting is not starving. In fact, there is a famous diet that teaches their clients to fast for 12 hours every 48 – 72 hours. Fasting takes A LOT of discipline, but it also teaches discipline. This can be very effective. While I’m not the biggest fan of fasting, I do use it myself to a degree. I’ve also seen my clients get some solid results from fasting.

My point

On some level of dieting you are going to experience that “empty” feeling. Learn to like that feeling. I associate it with getting skinny and losing fat. It’s much better than feeling bloated and full. With careful timing of meals you never need to feel drowsy or lack energy.

Just remember, food is fuel to live.

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