Sound Off: Fitness Testing In Schools

Texas recently passed a state law allowing researchers access to unidentified student data in hope to link the already assumed child obesity trend, academic performance, gang activities, and truancy . The purpose of the new law is to hopefully encourage state funding to fight this growing trend. Texas has been testing their students since 2007 with a program called Fitnessgram (created by the famous Cooper Institute).

Due to the economic times, the past years state funding has fallen short and the state passed a mandate that not all children were required to go through the fitness assessments. Only students enrolled in physical education classes had to do the testing. However, high school students are only required to go through two semesters of phy-ed.

I have no doubt that physical education standards have faded, but do we need to make more of an effort?

If it were up to me the kids would be doing push-ups and high knees between classes. That’s just me.

I want to hear your thoughts on fitness testing in schools. Should we be more aggressive with fitness education in schools? Comment below!

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  1. Stephanie Rinehart

    Physical Education should be mandatory through all of schooling–every semester!!! A state like Texas–a GOP state should be ashamed for letting standards fall too low…How about some mentoring programs? Why not get the athletes involved with their younger classmates–make it a bonus to enable them to get more money when they want to go to college (merit as well as athletic ability)—Being physically fit will help to develop self esteem for all kids…Especially the girls…head off eating disorders and self-loathing…So many do not get any positive reinforcement at home so it is only logical to make sure the schools are doing it…Could help to stop bullying as well…It is all a “circle”–so to speak…Enabling all the kids to help each other will be good on all levels…Too bad a state as wealthy as Texas has to fall short..Whether or not funding is available, Mentoring could be the answer….

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