I Ate Bad This Weekend

Sound familiar?

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you didn’t quite stay up to par with your diet?

The good news is it’s in the past. Move on.

What not to do is punish yourself for what you did yesterday. For example, eating less than healthy today because you ate too much yesterday. Or punishing yourself in the gym because you ate too much yesterday(or the past few days). A day or two of bad eating may cause the scale to look a little scary, but it’s not going to hurt your weight loss goals if you get right back on track.

Stick to the plan. Weight loss is about momentum and consistency. If you are consistent and work hard during the week and relax two days on the weekend, you’ll still hit your goals.

Tips for A Slip Free Weekend

  • Pre-Plan all your weekend meals
  • Have a cheat meal to fight off cravings
  • Plan a weekend workout, something other then the gym