Two (more) Core Exercises You Should Be Doing

Core strength is very important. When it comes to working your core there are clearly some exercises you should be including in every workout. Here are a few more exercises following my previous post.

Side Planks
Start on your side. Come up on your elbow and stack your feet. Your body should be straight from your toes to your neck.

To add an extra challenge add a “hip dip”. Simply drop your hip down to the ground and bring it back up. Do 10 repetitions after holding a side plank for 30 seconds.

Goal: You should be able to hold a side plank for at least 30-45 seconds. Add at least three sets of side planks into your workout.



Start by lying flat on your stomach with hands out in front of your body. Complete the movement by lifting your legs and arms off the ground. Hold for a two count and come back down. Repeat.

Add an extra challenge by simply holding your arms and feet up longer.

Goal: Ideally you should be able to complete 15 repetitions. Include at least three sets into your workouts.

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