3 Easy Portion Control Tricks To Help You Get Skinny

Hey Joe,

I keep hearing everyone tell me that it’s all about portion control, but I have a hard time figuring out what is a portion and what isn’t. Are there any easy tricks to figure this out?


Good Question!

First off, a good sensible diet shouldn’t be one that you have to do a bunch of confusing math to get it right. Here are a few “tricks” I teach my fat loss clients to visualize portions.

Ideally each meal should be about 3 portions that include a vegetable, fruit, and protein. I don’t limit green leafy vegetables to any portions sizes, so they are fair game to eat as much as you want (minus any toppings, additives, or goo you put on them).

The Little Plate Method: Imagine those small plates in your cupboard (you know the ones that you never use unless the big ones are dirty). You are most likely going to fill up plate at most of your meals, so why not make the plate smaller. How much weight would you lose if you only ate from small plates for a whole year?

The Palm Method: For most foods a portion usually is about the size of your palm. So as you are dishing up your meals, look at each food group and decide if it is about the size of your palm. Of course there are some exceptions to this rule, but if you stay away from junk food you will definitely succeed with this method.

The Coffee Cup Method: Most of use know how big a coffee cup is, what if you could only eat what you could fill a coffee cup with. Take a normal size coffee cup (not the big ole mugs). This is around the size of a portion.

Overindulgence is the death of any fat loss plan. With self discipline and changing your eating habits you can make any diet work without all the complicated math!