Fat Loss Action Plan

If you are like most people the first of the year signifies new change in your life. Blindly making goals without taking action doesn’t get you very far. This is how to take action and make it happen!

Fat Loss Action Plan

  • Write your goals down – Be very specific (Get to a size 8 dress)
  • Review your goals daily
  • Break down your goals into small manageable actions (Workout in the morning 3 days a week)
  • Divide your goals into actionable to-do lists (Eat chicken & rice for dinner)
  • Schedule the actions on your lists (Workout at 6am on Monday)
  • Make deadlines for all your actions (Be a size 10 by Jan 30th)
  • Most of all: Make it happen!

Don’t make it too compliacted, the easier you make your daily tasks, the better. With some good planning, you can have fat loss success! Here's to the NEW YOU REVOLUTION!

Tomorrow: I will share with you one of my very successful fat loss client’s action plan that helped her get into single digit dress sizes!

In the meantime, check this out: Last year a few of my clients decided to take action. Check out their highlight videos!

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