25 Fat Loss Tips

It’s Friday! Here are 25 fat loss tips you should always keep in mind!

1 Carbs aren’t bad. They fuel your body to lose fat. Over consuming processed carbs on the other hand is bad.

2 Exercise is whatever makes you happy. As long as it’s a sustained habit.

3 Eating right is really the key to fat loss, exercise is just a faster path to the door.

4 You don’t have to count your calories. Just make sure the food you’re eating is good.

5 HIIT(High intensity interval training) over sustained cardio any day.

6 Exercise in the morning is best. You get it done with and nothing during the day can disrupt it.

7 Ellipticals are a terrible way to exercise. It’s to easy to do a lot of movement without any hard work.

8 HIIT training is nothing to be scared of, you do it every day jogging up the steps.

9 Chocolate milk is a great exercise recovery drink, but don’t over do it.

10 Drinking a recovery drink or protein shake after a workout will not hinder your fat loss progress.

11 A healthy body is a lean body.

12 Bad diets are habitual.

13 There are more forms of protein than meat. Much healthier ones too!

14 Steamed. Grilled. Baked. Fried. Good to bad.

15 Scales don’t lie. They just tell the whole unbiased story. Focus on more than your weight.

16 Women can lift weights and get bulky. They just have to eat like a person that wants to get bulky.

17 Muscle confusion is a made up marketing term for cross training (using different exercises).

18 Body weight exercises can be very effective for weight loss.

19 Smoothies in the morning are an awesome nutritional way to start your day.

20 Attitude reflects success. Bad attitude, bad diet, bad results.

21 Lack of variety in your weight loss diet isn’t a bad thing. You’re still losing weight aren’t you?

22 Never hire a trainer that hasn’t changed their methods in years. Times change, exercise evolves.

23 Consistency is the single most important aspect of a weight loss plan.

24 Cycling low and normal carb days is effective. Long term low carb diets aren’t effective.

25 You can save a ton if you shopped for your vegetables in the greens section. (You know that place in the grocery store where the misters spray water on those green things.)

Have a great weekend!

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12 Responses

  1. Dan

    I take exception with your comment on ellipticals. Some of us have bad knees and they work great. I crank up the resistance to 6-7, pedal backwards or forwards around 160 revolutions per minute and SWEAT more + get incredible cardio, than any other cardio training past or present (including running on the track). I enjoyed the rest of your comments.

  2. Jean Grismer

    I have enjoyed your comments when I have seen them. I have an unusual problem and I would welcome some ideas. I have a nerve disorder that prevents me from standing without support such as a walker. I can stand and walk in a heated pool and I go two to three times a week. Thank you for any help you can give me.


    1. Hey Jean! Thanks for reading! I apologize, I really can’t make a recommendation based on your condition. Ideally I’d seek a specialist first so that way we know what we are doing is 100% on target with your goals!

  3. Lee

    I agree wholeheartedly with your comments. Another one I would add is to log your food on a site like MyFitnesspal.com for a week . You will probably be shocked at how many calories/fat/carbs you consume.

    1. That’s a good one! I have my personal training clients email me their food log every day. It’s amazing the attitude change once you become aware of what you’re actually eating. Thanks for the comment Lee!

  4. James

    B.S. I’ve lost 125 lbs on my low carb diet in 6 months. Don’t tell me low carb diets aren’t effective.

    1. We use a form of a low Carb diet called carb cycling. I found its been much more effective and easier to maintain than a long term low Carb diet. Thanks for the comment! Congrats on the weight loss!

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