Carb Cycling For Awesome Results: Sample Menu

Yesterday I posted an article on how to use a carb cycling diet to get amazing results. I received a few emails asking me to elaborate a little more on what a Normal Carb Day would be versus a Low Carb Day.

Here is an example of a 1500 calorie menu for a low carb day and a normal carb day.

Normal Carb Day – 1590 Calories (147 Carbs)
Breakfast – 385 Calories (61 Carbs)
Plain Greek Yogurt – 10oz
Strawberries – 1 Cup
Orange Juice – 12oz

Lunch – 449 Calories (36 Carbs)
Turkey Sandwich
Whole Wheat Bread – 2 Slices
Turkey Breast – 6oz
Tomato – 1oz
Romaine Lettuce – 6oz

Snack – 196 Calories (44 Carbs)
Fruit Salad
Orange – 1 Medium
Strawberries – 1 Medium
Grapes – 2 oz

Dinner – 560 Calories (6 Carbs)
Spinach Salad /w Chicken Breast
Spinach – 6oz
Chicken Breast – 6oz
vinaigrette – 3oz

Low Carb Day – 1513 Calories (18 Carbs)
Breakfast – 499 Calories (2 carbs)
Scrambled Eggs – 3 Eggs
Shredded Cheese – 1 oz
Bacon – 2 Slices

Lunch – 599 Calories (6 carbs)
Spinach – 6oz
Steak (cubed) – 6oz
Vinaigrette – 3oz

Snack – 169 Calories (3 Carbs)
Almonds – 1 oz

Dinner – 246 Calories (7 Carbs)
Chicken Breast – 4oz
Steamed Broccoli – 6oz

What about the High Carb Day?
The only difference from a normal carb day vs a high carb day is you get a cheat meal at the end of your high carb day. You can eat whatever meal you’ve been craving all week! (within reason of course)

As always, if you have any questions email me, post below, or find me on Facebook!

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  1. I have done something similar and the results were good. Can u please send me more menus or let me know if I’m able to purchase them

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