Should I Go On A Detox Diet To Lose Weight?

Ask joefitness: “Hey Joe, I hear a lot about people going on a detox diets. What are they and should I do one? And will they help me lose weight?”

Detox diets typically are diets that are meant to “flush” all the bad stuff from your body. I’ve also heard them called cleanse diets, flush diets, body cleanse diet, etc.. Typically they come in the form of eating a lot of insoluble fiber, eating some form of laxative (natural or synthetic), or by way of fasting.

One thing I would be clear about is I would never buy a product that calls itself a detox diet. Save your money. Word of warning: If you do happen go on a detox diet, long term detoxing can lead to some major health issues. Constantly flushing out nutrients from your body is a bad thing.

I like the idea of a detox diet, but not for the purpose many of these diets promote. I like the idea because they act as a switching mechanism from a bad eating habit into a new eating habit. To put that in English, I like detox diets because they get people to stop eating crap and start eating healthy. I’m not into the whole grape juice cleanse, honey and tabsco cleanse or latest detox meme spreading over the internet, I think these things are just plain silly and a waste of time.

If I were to design you a detox diet, you would eat plenty of green leafy veggies and lots of fresh fruit. I’d cut out all the sugary drinks and overstimulated coffees. You’d have green tea at least twice a day and you’d be drinking plenty of water. I add some lean meat for your main meals and let you eat nuts for snacks. Kind of sounds like a healthy diet all around doesn’t it?

So when you are ready to start eating healthy and you want to detox, don’t drink the the internet diet koolade, just start eating healthy and make good diet decisions. The weight loss will come soon enough!

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    1. I like green tea because the health benefits are quite prominent. It’s a healthier alternative to coffee (not saying coffee is terrible for you). It also promotes change in your diet, tea drinkers are more likely to eat healthy and be conscious of their weight. Thanks for the comment!

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