May 012012

I hope you are having a happy May Day! Here are my most popular blog posts for the month of April! Check them out!

25 Fat Loss Tips – Here are some of the best tips about getting yourself lean and mean.

10 Awesome Healthy Food Boards You Should Be Following On Pinterest!- If you love Pinterest then you will love this post!

Carb Cycling For Awesome Weight Loss Results- Carb cycling is a very effective weight loss tool, this post gets you started!

Why you should NEVER eat ‘Low Fat’ salad dressings – Eating healthy can be tricky, so watch out for this easy to make diet mistake!

7 Secrets of a Successful Weight Loss Plan (Tough Love Edition)- Losing weight is about getting real with yourself. Follow these seven secrets and you will see success!

I have lots of good stuff planned for May! I am looking for more ‘Ask joefitness’ questions so make sure you connect with me on my Facebook and Twitter and ask me your fitness questions!

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