How To Deal With Friends When You’re Losing Weight

“Hey Joe! I have a really hard time keeping up with my diet during this time of year. All my friends are constantly going out. What can I do to keep up with my diet but not become a hermit with my friends?”

The people that you are around most often will influence everything from what you wear, the movies and tv shows you watch, how often you exercise, and what you eat. It’s not surprising that you find groups of friends that are all similar body types. Your friends will definitely effect your weight loss as well. Here is how to deal with your friends when you are trying to lose weight:

Stand up for yourself
Stand up for yourself with your group of friends. No this doesn’t mean you need to yell and scream and create a bunch of drama, you just need to make it clear that you are trying to lose weight and their support is important to you. Be clear, sincere, and definitive about what your goals are and how your friends effect you getting to your goals.

Make your goals and intentions clear
I can’t say this enough, write down your goals and review them daily. Share your goals with the people around you. Broadcast your goals to the point it’s borderline annoying. The more public you make your goals, the more likely you are going to stick to them and the more supportive the people around you will be!

Have a heart to heart
Sit down with your friends and family and tell them how you feel about what you are trying to do. The best is to write a letter to them and read it out loud. This might seem a little extreme, but the really if you friends don’t know how you feel, it’s not going to get better.

Be a leader
Who says you have to do everything everyone else is doing. Maybe this is your calling to lead your friends to be healthier. Lead your friends by example, you’d be suprised how much motivation this gives you to succeed at your goals!

Remove yourself
If all else fails, sometimes you just have to remove yourself from unhealthy situations. It might not seem like fun, but if your friends are relentless on making you unhealthy, it might just be best to be not around them.

You don’t need to become antisocial when you need to lose weight. Bottom line you just need to be clear to your friends that you are trying to lose weight and their support is very important to you. If you can do this, you will be successful with your weight loss goals!

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