Reboot! Action Plan To Getting Back On The Weight Loss Track

Fall is quickly approaching and you might of gotten of track with your weight loss goals this summer. It’s okay! It happens. You get busy with weekends at the lakes, fire pit nights, street dances, and all the good stuff summer brings. Now that summer is coming to an end, it’s time to start getting you back on track!

Reassess your ‘why?’
Last spring your goal might of been to look good for summer, but now it’s different. You need a new deadline, a new goal, something that will keep you motivated to get you past those pesky hunger pangs and sugar urges. Maybe it’s a wedding in September, or maybe you want to look good in your Halloween outfit! Whatever it is, make sure it is within the next three months so you have no excuse to monkey around.

Write down exactly want you accomplish by this deadline and in big bold letters write a one sentence that is in a present tense and says that today I accomplished my goal. Now I’m serious about this writing it down business. Most of you might think this is a silly thing to do. I bet less than half the people I tell to write down their goals and post them don’t do it. However, for the ones that do write down their goals and the ones that remind themselves daily what they want to accomplish, they are the ones that hit their goals.

“Unjunk” your diet
Summer is full of sugary drinks and not so good for you foods. It’s time to rid your diet of this stuff and start eating healthy. I’m not the biggest fan of cleanse diets, but when it comes to flushing your diet with all the bad stuff, sometimes a good cleanse is what you need to do!

If I wrote a cleanse diet for you it would look like this: Start you day off with a good homemade smoothie. Make sure you put plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables(you don’t taste them). Have fresh fruit for you mid-morning snack. For lunch eat a fresh spinach salad with black beans (from the can), tuna, a little bit of shredded cheese, and a little vinaigrette to give it some zing! A mid-afternoon snack would be a handful of raw almonds. For supper, you would have a small portion of salmon with a side of steamed veggies.

Sweat it out
Maybe you didn’t make it to the gym consistently this summer, but now is time to get your exercise schedule back on track. So get moving! The fall sets us up with perfect walking weather and there is nothing wrong with going for a half hour walk every night! Get back in the gym and do at least three days of strength training and five days of cardio workouts.

Find it hard to get back to working out? Maybe you should join a group exercise class or getting a personal trainer. The awesome thing about group exercise classes is you will be surrounded by people that all have similar goals you do and they support each other to push hard and keep you motivated to move! Look, it’s all about getting you awesome results right? So why not set yourself up for the best possible results by getting a little help by a professional.

Take action!
Starting (over) is by far is the hardest thing to do. Don’t get sucked into the “I’ll do it tomorrow” trap, just do it now. Maybe you are reading this at work and you were planning to go home and watch tv after work. Wrong! Go workout instead. You won’t regret it.

Having successful weight loss plan is all about momentum. Sometimes you get knocked off track and you need to fight to get back on. Being persistent and continuing to put in your sweat equity is what will get you the results you want!

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  1. Michelle

    Thank you for your post. This is exactly where I’m at and I’ve started again this weekend. I had a goal that I set this spring and didn’t meet the mark. But I’m committing myself, holding myself accountable and writing it down!

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