How Not To Hibernate From Your Goals

The days are shorter, the temperature is cooler, it’s Fall. This time of year can make it very difficult with sticking to your workout routine. October, November, and December I like to call the fitness “off-season”. Now this is no excuse to relax on your goals, just time shift your focus. Instead of slipping out of your hard earned workout habits, here are a few ideas to keep it fresh and keep moving forward.

Change Focus
This is an excellent time of year shift your focus to work more on your weaknesses. Maybe you haven’t been able to get that last rep on that chest press, or maybe you have nagging injury that needs to be fixed. Maybe you need to work on mastering your Turkish get-ups, an excellent exercise by the way. Use these few drowsy months to shift your focus and work on your weaknesses.

Let’s add some muscle
This is a great time of year to work on your strength and add some fat burning muscle. Now ladies, I’m not saying you need to pack on the pounds so you look like a bulked up NFL lineman. Just adding a pound or two of muscle will make a huge difference when you get back into the weight loss routine. So pick some heavier dumbbells, move the pin down the stack, and pump out that extra rep, because it’s time to turn up your metabolic furnace with some hard earned muscle.

Don’t stress out over your diet
Over the next two months we go through a few holidays, events, and get-togethers that tend to be gathered around food. That’s okay. Enjoy these moments. If the numbers on the scale go up a few pounds, you will be okay. Remember that you are in control and you can bounce back to the salads on Monday with no problem.

Keep workouts short
If you are finding it hard to get your workouts in maybe you should think about shortening your workouts so that they don’t such an impact on your day. Keep your workouts under 30 minutes and most of all have a plan before you go to the gym. You can waste a lot of time trying to ad lib a workout, so make sure that you have a solid plan before you even start to sweat. Most of all, try not to fall into the chit chat trap at the gym.

Try something new
You might be a little less critical about yourself this time of year, so maybe this is a great time to experiment with a new diet or workout. One diet method that I’ve been working with in the past few months is intermittent fasting. Essentially you fast (no food) for a set period of time a few times a week. It’s a controlled way to get your body into a state of fat burning while maintaining a solid a diet. So what if trying something new doesn’t work, or maybe you discover that you love a new diet, what ever you do, you will learn something.

Maybe this time of year makes you want to hibernate, but that is no reason to let you slip out of some hard earned habits. January is just around the corner and your fitness attitude will change. So with a few habit tweaks over these few grey months you can keep your momentum moving forward like a loaded freight train.