Magic Diet Pills, Eating All Day, And The Best Workout Headphones – Ask Joe

Here is the next round of rapid fire Ask Joe questions!

How do you feel about diet pills?
Not a fan. Let’s pretend these pills actually do what they say they do. Losing weight is a both a physical change as well as a psychological change. You need to learn to be lean. So what happens when you go off these pills? Have you learned new habits that keep you lean and healthy? Most likely not. My advice: do the hard work, it’s worth the journey.

Do I really need to eat five times a day to lose weight?
Short answer. No. The idea of eating five times a day goes back to the theory if you eat five small meals a day you will keep your metabolism flying along thus helping you shed pounds faster. Well sounds great in theory, but for my fellow food addicts out there, eating a tiny portion of a normal meal can lead to a disastrous over eating binge. I’m not convinced that constantly demanding your body to process food every two hours is good for weight loss. Than again neither is eating three huge meals a day. At the end of the day a fat loss comes down to discipline at the plate.

Do you have any suggestions for good workout headphones?
Finally a workout gear question! Both Sony and JVC make headphones that wrap around the back of the ear. I love those. They are about $10, they sound okay, and last for at least a few months. Using headphones at the gym is hard on those little buds (get it?), so I say stick the the cheaper easier to replace ones.

Headphone gym etiquette 101: Don’t have your headphones blasting so loud so everyone in the gym can hear. Don’t sing out loud, you don’t sound like Madonna, trust me. Finally, for all the guys out there wearing the DJ over-the-ear style headphones, from all of us in the gym, please stop.

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