47 Healthy Left-Over Turkey Recipes

Chances are there might be some left-over turkey tomorrow, so here is a few things you can do. I’m no foodie, so instead of me telling you what to do with that wonderful low-fat meat, I’ll let the food experts tell you. Here are three links for some awesome left-over turkey ideas!

Two Turkey Day Recovery Workouts

Workout panic! You might not make it to the gym on Thursday! I know you all are stressing out over this… Let your anxiety subside because here are two fast paced workouts you can do, no equipment needed!

How Often To Strength Train, Protein Shakes For Weight Loss, & Fasting – Ask Joe

Here is another rapid fire edition of Ask Joe!

Sleep More & Stop Late Night Eating To Lose Fat

Here are few fat loss studies I found this week!

How To Pick The Right Weight Loss Supplements

One of the most common questions I get is “What do I think about (insert brand) supplement?” From protein shakes to fat loss pills, there is a ton of supplements. What is good and what isn’t? Let’s back-up a bit and talk about the core of the question.