Keep Getting Fat Loss Results This Winter – Four Simple Tips

If you are like most, the time change and cold weather messes up your routine. It gets darker earlier, the days are shorter, your instinct is to go home and cozy up on the couch. The winter in the Upper Midwest tries it’s darnest to disrupt our daily routines. Just because the weather is changing doesn’t mean you give up on your workouts. Here are a few tips to get you past the winter blues and keep you rocking at the gym.

Holiday Fat Loss Plan – The Fat Loss Action Grid

Busy schedules make it really easy to get lost in the holiday madness. You can easily lose track of those hard earned results you’ve been working for. To make things easy, I put together this handy Action Grid for you. It’s really simple to use, when you complete a task (i.e. drink water) cross it out on the corresponding day. At the end of the week add up all the items you crossed out and give yourself a score. For each task you should shoot for at least an 85%.