Nov 132012

I get a TON of requests for workout ideas. So I am going to start a theme of posts that include workouts for you! Today’s theme is short equipment free workouts. These are great when you are busy and can’t make it to the gym. Here are eleven 15 – 20 minute equipment-free workouts you can do at home.

Timed Set – Do as many reps of each exercise in the amount of time given. A timer app on your phone makes these easy to do!

Workout #1
Jog-in Place 1:30 Minute
Jump Squats 1:30 Minute
Push-ups 1:30 Minute
Sit-ups 1:30 Minute
Rest 1:30 Minute
Repeat each one doing 1 minute of each
Repeat each one doing 45 seconds of each
Repeat each one doing 30 seconds of each

Workout #2
Jumping Jacks 1:30 Minute
Alternating Side Lunges 1:30 Minute
V-Ups 1:30 Minute
Plank 1:30 Minute
Rest 1:30 Minute
Repeat each one doing 1 minute of each
Repeat each one doing 45 seconds of each
Repeat each one doing 30 seconds of each

Workout #3
Air Squats 1:30 Minute
Alternating Single Leg Deadlifts 1:30 Minute
Mountain Climbers 1:30 Minute
Russian Twists 1:30 Minute
Rest 1:30 Minute
Repeat each one doing 1 minute of each
Repeat each one doing 45 seconds of each
Repeat each one doing 30 seconds of each

Workout #4
Burpees 1:30 Minute
Sumo Jump Squats 1:30 Minute
Torso Twists 1:30 Minute
Bicycle Crunches 1:30 Minute
Rest 1:30 Minute
Repeat each one doing 1 minute of each
Repeat each one doing 45 seconds of each
Repeat each one doing 30 seconds of each

Set Rep Workouts – Complete the given amount of reps of each exercise.

Workout #5
Lunges x10 (each leg)
Reverse Crunches x20
Air Squat x30
Mountain Climbers x40
Jumping Jacks x50
Complete 5 Sets

Workout #6
Push-ups x10
Side Lunges x10 (each leg)
Single Leg Deadlifts x15 (each leg)
High Knees x40
Wall Jumps x50
Complete 5 Sets

Workout #7
Burpees x10
Torso Twists x20
V-Ups x30
Mountain Climbers x40
Russian Twists x50
Complete 5 Sets

AMRAP Workouts – For these workouts you give yourself a set amount of time and your job is to complete As Many Reps As Possible in the given time! These are great challenge that can leave you lots of room to improve!

Workout #8
High Knees x30
Push-ups x10
Air Squats x30
Burpees x10
Complete two 6 Minute sets with a 3 minute rest between the set.

Workout #9
Wall Jumps x40
Reverse Crunches x20
Jumping Jacks x40
V-Ups x20
Complete two 7 Minute Sets with 4 Minutes rest between each set.

Workout #10
Mountain Climbers x50
Push-ups x15
Full Sit-ups x20
Air Squats x50
Complete two 6 minute sets with 2 minutes rest between each set.

Workout #11 This is a harder one.
Explosive Push-ups x20 (Get both hands off the ground)
Jump Squats x20
Jumping Lunges x20
Butterfly Sit-ups x20
Complete one 12 minute set, two if you are brave.

Keep in mind these are workout ideas, so there is lots of room to experiment! I kept these workouts somewhat easy so you might need to modify to fit your level. You can swap exercises, increase and decrease the repetitions, or add and subtract the timed sets. Give it a try!

Dec 062011

“Hey Joe, I love running on the treadmill, but I often get bored with the same routine and the programmed workouts on the treadmill don’t do it for me. What are some things I can do to change it up? ”

Treadmills are an awesome tool, especially in cold Fargo, but they aren’t just for running or walking for long periods of time. One of my favorite things to do on a treadmill is interval running. If you’re not a long distance runner this is the way to go. All you do is run for a period of time and then rest or walk for a period of time. The ideal thing to do is during your rest just jump on to the side rails and don’t adjust the speed. This way you don’t waste your time by having to mess with the settings or programs on the treadmill, just start it and set it at one speed.

Another thing you can do is add exercises between the running intervals. For example, you run for 60 seconds, jump off the treadmill and do 20 push-ups. Go back on to running on the treadmill. Repeat.

Just get creative, keep it intense, keep it fast and fun!

Note: Treadmills can be dangerous machines, be aware of your surroundings when you are getting on and off, watch out for clothing or equipment getting caught under the belt, and don’t leave a running treadmill unattended.

Here are two example workouts:

Set the treadmill at a comfortable running speed.
Ideally 5 – 6.5 mph.
Set the incline at 4.
Run for 30 seconds.
Jump off to the side rails for 15 seconds.
Do this for 20 rounds.
As it gets easier, increase the speed and incline.


Set the treadmill at a speed and incline that would be difficult to complete 120s of straight running.
Ideally at least 8 mph and 6 incline.
Run for 45s.
Rest for 15s.
Complete 20 rounds.
Too easy? Add 20 burpees every 3 intervals.

Nov 152011

When it comes to core strength there are two exercises that you should include with every workout!

Start on your elbows and toes. Your back should be straight. Shoulders, hips and ankles should form a straight line. Feet set at shoulder width apart. Breath through your stomach focusing on keeping your tummy tight. Keep your head in a neutral position.

To add an extra challenge raise and hold one leg off the ground.

Goal: You should be able to hold a solid plank for at least 30-45 seconds. Add at least three sets of planks into your workout.


Bird Dogs
Start on your hands and knees, draw in your right elbow and left knee together and then extend your leg and arm fully in front and behind you. Return your elbow and knee together without touching the ground and repeat the movement.

Add an extra challenge by coming up off your knees. Stay on your hands and toes while you complete the movement.

Goal: Ideally you should be able to complete 10 repetitions on each side. Include at least three sets into your workouts.

Aug 152011

Chris Evans - Captain America

What does it take to get into super hero shape?

Chris Evans aka Captain America debuted in the what I think is the summer’s best superhero movie. Not surprisingly Mr. Evans had to get into pretty good shape for his summer blockbuster. Recently in a interview with GQ magazine, Chris’s trainer gave some insight of what Chris did to get into superhero shape…

Joe’s Notes: None of this workout will work without solid nutrition. Each workout should be followed by a recovery protein shake (4:1 Carb to Protein ratio). Most of all you can’t get his conditioned look eating junk food. Fruits, vegetables, and lean meats are essential for super heroes. You are what you eat.

Day 1
Interval Circuit – Wearing a 10 or 15lbs weight vest
Pull-ups to Burpees to Push-up
Kettlebell Swings
Weighted Step-ups to Burpee
TRX Rows (or inverted rows from waist high bar)
Overhead Squats

Back & Arms (Sets of 5 @ 8 reps)

Dumbbell Bent Over Rows
Barbell Curls

Super Hero Shape

Day 2
Cardio (30 minutes or 5k)

Abs (Sets of 3 @ 20 reps)
Russian Twists
Cable Crunch
Ball Pikes

Day 3
Heavy Leg Day (Sets of 6 @ 8 Reps)
Step-ups with weights
Full Squats


Day 4
Cardio (4000m)
Rowing (or cross-trainer)

Abs (Sets of 4 @ 12 reps)
Weighted Crunches
Weight Side Planks /w Hip Dips
Weighted Supermans

Day 5
Interval Circuit (from day 1)

Chest, Arms, & Shoulders (Sets of 4 @ 10 reps)
Close Grip Incline Press
Incline Bench Flies

Incline Push-ups
Kneeling Shoulder Press

Weighted Dips

Day 6 & 7
Rest & Recovery

Jul 192011

So you just joined a gym, workout program, or started a new diet, you initially lost a few pounds but those pesky pounds seem to keep working their way back on the scale. You probably get frustrated with yourself and start to get desperate. Here are some pointers on why your Fat Loss Plan isn’t working for you:

No Consistency
Your diet is all over the place, your workouts are random and unplanned, your energy levels change often, etc….

If any plan is to work, you have to implement it long term (3-12 months). I strongly believe in having 90 day fat loss goals. A lot can happen in 90 days if you are consistent. Setting a solid weekly goal is one way to make that happen.

For example: Your weight loss goal is 30 pounds (assuming your ideal weight is 30 pounds less then your current weight). In 90 days you should be able to lose 50 – 60% of that weight. So 30 x 60% = 18 pounds. 18 pounds/ 12 weeks = 2 pounds per week.

Whats gotta happen to hit that goal: 18 out of 21 meals each week have to be perfect, four 30 minute vigorous workouts must be completed, you have to be active for more then 3 hours a day (walking, biking, working)

Stay consistent and you will hit your weight loss goals.

Lack of Activity outside the gym
Losing weight isn’t all about the gym and the diet, it’s about the lifestyle. An active lifestyle to be more precise. You can’t lose weight just by sitting on your butt, you have to get moving!

At work: Take the stairs, park in the back of the lot, ride your bike to work

At home: Clean house, Garden, Mow the lawn

On the weekends: Go for a long bike ride, Swim in the lake, Lake Bootcamp

Quality of Food / Convenient eating
In Dr. Weil’s book Eating Well for Optimum Health he suggests that you eliminate as much of the unnatural and processed foods out of your diet. This leaves you with fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts, and grains.

Think about all of the stuff that you can eat right out of the package. We’re losing the art of cooking food to the art of eating food on the fly. We are losing the nutritional value of food to preservatives and an obsessive amount of sugar.

Eat well. Be well.

Ninja Calories
Do you ever eat while your doing something else?

Most of us do. I call this unconscious eating. This is a fast way to eat way more calories then desired. Try to focus on eating your meals in one place (your dinner table, work lunch room). Make your table your alter of food consumption. Make it law that no other food be eaten anywhere else. Focus on just eating your meal. No tv, no newspaper, no magazines, no eating in your car, just you and your food.

Focus on food.

Jul 032011

It’s summer, it’s nice out. It’s easy to fall out of the workout routine. The last thing you want to do is make another 60 minute trip to the gym while you could be sitting on your deck soaking in the sun, enjoying a cold one.

Here are a few tips to keep your slimming summer workouts rockin’ all summer.

Go outside.

I hate to say this, but it’s the obvious one. Go for a brisk walk or a nice jog. Challenge a hiking trail. Go for a bike ride. Just get some fresh air!

Create a workout calendar.

Commit to 3- 4 vigorous workouts a week. Even if they are only 30 minutes long. Every month write down that you are going to commit to at least 15 workouts that month. Schedule them. Be precise. And most of all, stick to it!

My bootcamps(shameless plug) are a great way to get in your days worth of resistance training. The best part is that if the weather isn’t so great, we stay inside, but if it’s nice you bet we go outside!

Play a sport.

Join a softball leauge. Join a running club. Join a swim club. Join a cycling club. Join a beach volleyball league. Do some sort of team sport that will keep you motivated to move in the summer heat. Not only is this a new challenge, it gives you another reason to workout! So get competitive.

Lake Bootcamp.

Ok I stole this idea from my clients, but it seems very a catchy to me! If your at the lake commit a group of friends and family to a good 30 minute interval workout! Afterall, just because your at the lake doesn’t mean you have be lazy….

These are ways that you can keep that hard earned bikini body all summer!

Got any more ideas, let me here it in the comments below!